Blush placement 5 different ways

Blush placement for your face shape. Your blush can change the shape of your face.

It’s all in the small details.

And blush placement is key on mature skin unless you want to look like your face is falling or you starting to look like a skeleton. As we age, we need to start to apply makeup differently.

Today I want to show you how to wear your blush in five different ways to completely transform your look.

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I saw this tutorial on TikTok @meganlavallie and decided to try it for myself and to show it to you.

Does not matter which blush you use liquid or powder its all about placement.

Blush Placement N1: Lifting Face

Blush Placement N1: Lifting Face

The first placement will be for lifting your face. You apply blush almost where you do highlight just a little bit lower. You probably saw it on many YouTube videos with mature makeup tutorials. The idea here is to place most of the color on outer half of your cheek and slightly blend it toward your temple and up. Creating like a V shape.

Blush Placement N2: Shorten Face

Blush Placement N2: Shorten Face

The second placement will be a more standard placement of the blush on the center of your cheek. It creates a youthful look, and its also shortens your face, great for a longer face shape. If you spread, it just slightly closer to your eyes it will create a youthful look.

Blush Placement N3: Enhance Cheekbones

Blush Placement N3: Enhance Cheekbones

And the third application will be enhancing your cheekbones. This was my favorite technique to apply blush for many years. First, you have to find the hollow of your cheekbone and place the blush right above it almost where you would place the countering or bronzer. This application is great for round and heart shape face.

Blush Placement N4: Fuller Face

Blush Placement N4: Fuller face

And the fourth application is for you if you want to make your face look fuller. You see at the hollow space underneath cheek.  Personally, I never saw people that would need a blush in this placement, but you try and see maybe you will like it.

Blush Placement N5: Sunkissed

Blush Placement N5: Sunkissed

Ok, and the last fifth placement of the blush at the center of your face. This trend or technique or placement came from K-beauty (Korean beauty). It’s really looks cute and young at the same time. It‘s great if you want to add some little freckles on top or if you have your natural freckles.

Write me in the comments below which one do you like.


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