5 ways to prepare for a video interview

The secret to nailing your video interview (post-crises)

In this post, I will focus on how to present yourself for a video interview via Skype, Zoom, Face time, Google meets, or another video conferencing platform.

tip on how to prepare for video interview via Skype, Zoom

Most likely like many of us you are finding yourself on camera for the first time.

How do you convey warmth and professionalism to an interviewer or a panel without a handshake or looking them in an eye?

Fun Fact: When you met a person, notice the color of there eyes. ? It will take exactly the amount you need to create a perfect eye contact without staring in their face.

And fill yourself at a disadvantage in this very competitive job market, going against younger candidates who are likely more used to vertical interview.

I decided to prepare a list of tips on how to look professional on camera. It’s not new information it was discussed on the internet somewhere before. My goal is to combine it all here in one spot to help you to look professional and confident on camera, to nail that interview.

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First and foremost, prepare for an interview, like you normally would. Write down potential questions and answers. Do your company research.

Practice throughout your house or apartment, experimenting with lighting, makeup, outfits, and jewelry.

Practice talking into the camera lens. Just put the camera next to you and talk to it.

Do everything that in your power to stand out in interview.

With makeup for a video interview, you’ll want to make sure that you are giving the right impression, by wearing makeup that shows you’re professional, polished, and confident.

Before the march of 2020 interview for a job meant going out to meat hiring manager.

Now with so many people continuing working from home, the video interview is going to be more common. Phone interviews are common, too, but video creates a more natural interview experience.

For the past three months, I have been on many conference calls and one-on-one. However today I want to talk about a video interview.

If you want more information on what employers will be looking for post-crisis, check out Work It Daily videos.

A video call poses a unique challenge:

  • What should you wear for video interview?
  • How should I wear my hair for video interview?
  • What kind of makeup should I wear to a video interview?

I highly recommend to practice before hand and make a check list of things you need to do and set up before hand and TIME IT TAKES to do.


But let start first at your place.

Set the Stage

Plan where are you going to sit. Start with the light source. Seat facing window or at the table with a table lamp behind “camera”. By camera, I mean a computer or cell phone.

Have A Clean, Uncluttered Background Is the Key.

clean space for video interview

Then look at what behind you. It doesn’t have to be an empty wall, just space clean of clutter and mess. You can simply put items temporarily out of the way on the floor.

Create as much professional environment as you can, with what you have. Some video software allows you to create a virtual background. Use an office looking one, not beach. ??

Take a selfie in your interview space and make sure it looks great.

? The person who will interview you also working (or worked) from home and have realistic expectations. So, don’t stress too much.

Ideally, it’s better to be alone, but if it’s not possible, ask everyone to minimize any noise or distractions.

If your pets are quiet, let them be in the room with you. It’s a great ice breaker and you can make a joke by calling them your office coworkers.

How you live at home will translates on how you will work in the office.

TIP: use a stationary chair if you have a tendency to move around in it too much. You want to look confident!

Have a water bottle handy, to sip during the interview. Something with the lid to prevent spillage.


It depends on the type of job you applying to and what type of interview it is. Is it a technical interview and you have to share your screen, then a laptop or a desktop will be more suitable?

If it’s interview with HR and you will just talk, then phone will be fine.

TIP 1: Don’t forget to CLEAN LENS before interview.

TIP 2: Elevate laptop or cellphone with books or a box to an eye level. It will create more trust if you look straight into the camera.

The eye contact on video happens when you look at the camera not at the person on your screen. And just like with in-person interview, you want to maintain eye contact.

photo of a women during Zoom video interview

Makeup for Video Interview

It doesn’t matter if you a lipstick-only or full face makeup kind of girl. Here is a list of things to consider for makeup for video interview.

For the start consider what position you are applying for. Is it a more corporate/office position or is it a creative field? Deciding how you want to come across during interview will help with hair style and makeup application choices.

If you are not sure stick with simple look. This not the time to experiment with makeup. Present yourself the same way you would come to work.

For the person on the other side of the camera your eyes and moth will stand out the most.

And DON’T FORGET YOUR MANICURE. You have no idea how many people I rejected just because of that. It’s commonly overlooked detail, but a very important one.

  • Nails should be neatly filed, and not too long.
  • Neutral nail is foolproof, so look for barely there beige and pink polish.
  • Skip the French manicure, just go with single color.

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The first in every makeup tutorial is to even up your complexion with primer and foundation. You don’t have to do it for a video interview. The camera is pretty good at softening the look of your skin.

If you feel confident with a foundation on, then wear your favorite.


Use concealer to cover up any zits (blemish) or a dark under eye circles.

You definitely don’t want to look exhausted; you can use corrector in the peach family, which will brighten your eyes as well as counteract any dark circles.


Use a pencil or eyeshadow to define your eyebrows. Don’t worry too much about tweaking, the camera will not pickup your stray hair.

Eye Shadow

Keep your eye look simple and natural. No smokey eye and skip the glitter.

Chose a base color that matches your skin tone like bone or champagne to apply all over.

Medium-toned color like taupe, soft brown, or light grey to wear in your crease.

Darker color like chocolate brown, charcoal, or navy for a final, subtle swipe in your outer crease.

Add light shimmery (not glittery) color like champagne or ivory to an inner corner of the eye to “awake” your eyes.

It’s better if you use your existing eyeshadows. If you purchase a new one, the test them out before an online video interview.


Optional step. Eyeliner will really make your eyes stand out. Make sure it looks professional, nothing over the top. Use pencil eyeliner in a dark brown or charcoal to thicken your upper lid, then smudge it with a brush for a softer appearance. You can also use dark brown or navy eyeshadow instead and a small angled brush to achieve a similar look.


Curl your lashes before you apply mascara (optional). Start wiggling the wand at the base of your eyelashes, then move it upwards.

I would say skip lower lashes, to prevent smudging.


We tend to sweat when we are on camera, and it happens a lot when you are in an interview.

Powder your face more heavily then you normally would, especially if you have an oily face. Even if you consider yourself dry skin face, apply powder to your face.

Special the light will pick up all the sweat and oil on your face and reflect even more on camera.


The camera tends to wash color from your face and make you look pale. Swoosh that bronzer all over your face just adds warmth to your face.

Apply it in mimicking number 3 – on your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. Also, dust a bit on your nose.


Even if you don’t typically wear blush, consider applying some on for Zoom or Skype video interview. It will add a healthy glow to your skin and helps you look bright and awake.

Look for the color that matches your cheeks when they’re flushed, which is usually a pinky-coral type color.

You can use lipstick as a blush.


Finally, finish your look off with perfect lipstick. Think a shade that’s “your lips, only better”. Neutral color with a hint of pink or coral look great on most people. Don’t go to light it will wash you out.

Don’t forget to blot your lips, so lipstick doesn’t end up all over your teeth.

Your main goal is to come across looking professional, confident, and energetic – so the perfect color combination is going to be a bit different for everyone. If you don’t normally wear a ton of makeup try to use a few products. Create a natural and polish look that still makes you feel like yourself.


Best Video Interview Outfit 

A video interview requires a slightly different approach.

best zoom video interview ourfit

Bold, simple elements look best on camera and small details get lost. Solid colors usually work best, but if you want to wear a print, try to keep it simple and nothin stripes.

I would recommend a blouse and slacks. Yes, wear the whole interview outfit head to tow. Well, you can skip shoes.

Keep in mind that the interviewer will mostly see your top half and sometimes top can be too casual without a complimentary bottom. Keep that in mind. Look at TV interviews to get some ideas for an interview outfit.

There is also a big chance that you will have to stand up and get something during the interview. So, professional slacks or a skirt a must.

As far as accessories go, choose clean lines jewelry. Avoid sparkle and shine, direct light turns anything remotely shiny into a blinding beacon on camera.

Video Interview Hairstyle

The only thing to keep in mind, you want to avoid playing or messing with your hair. And of course, it goes without saying, that hair has to be clean and dry. If you cannot go to hairdresser then color hair yourself or just touch up roots, of cause if you need it.

Whatever will give you a boost of confidence. If it is getting a blowout, then do it. If it’s a ponytail, that is fine too. Whatever hair style you choose make sure you look polish and put together.

Practice Makes Perfect

Record a mock interview with your device of choice. Practice, just as you would practice normal interviews. Concentrate on what to say, do you need to make notes, print resume, or other job-related material. Write down questions you want to ask about position and company.

Keep in mind that nobody likes their voice on camera or how they look. It’s NORMAL. Pay more attention to lighting and clatter. Do you look professional? Do you look confident? Do you look energetic?

There is a big chance that you will have some technical issues during the interview or before. Don’t get nervous, just let the interviewer know.

TIP: Talk with more energy than you normally would and don’t forget to smile. I usually just attach post-it notes on my screen as a reminder. 

? SMILE. ? All the preparation and grooming doesn’t mean a thing if you aren’t excited to be there.

How to Show Warmth at Interview or Work.

From career strategist @ShadeZahrai


Pay attention whom you are talking to.

Be really present, try to really understand another person

  • Make eye contact
  • Node from time to time
  • And smile to show that you are listening

Research show that this are three key physical indicators of show warmth.


Take a time mentally put yourself in somebody’s else shoes, to really understand where they are coming from.

Say something like: “I am imaging that you felt …” to convey that empathy directly.


As humans, we are actually hardwired for reciprocity. We are more likely to fill we can trust somebody who has trusted us first.

Someone who is being openly cooperative instead of competitive and putting others’ interests above there owns.

And of cause in all of this you want to be authentic for the right reasons.


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Have a fabulous week and take care!

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