3 steps – Easy Mature Hooded Eye Makeup | for BEGINNERS

3 steps – easy mature hooded eye makeup is a quick and easy tutorial on everyday eye makeup. Mature hooded eye makeup doesn’t have to involve a lot of brushes, products, or steps! I will show you how to apply eye shadow to aging hooded eyes.

3 steps easy mature hooded eye makeup Modern Fifty TV

This tutorial is for older women, like me, who is looking for uncomplicated simple mature hooded eyes makeup techniques. It will work for absolutely everyone, whether you have visible mobile lid space or not. Using a beginner level makeup technique, I will show how to get a more awake and rested appearance. There are minimum products required to achieve this look.

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3 steps – Easy Mature Hooded Eye Makeup!

Here are the brushes you will need to create this look.

MORPHE – M441 – for transitional color

MORPHE – M431 – pencil brush

Blending brush (MORPHE – M441) for transitional color to apply in the crease.

I will use Pencil brush (MORPHE – M431) to apply eyeshadow underneath my eyes. The pallet I am using is “Salut, Paris! the essence Salut Paris eyeshadow palette”.

First, I am applying an eye primer. In case you don’t know what, this is for. You can use eye favorite makeup primer, or you can use a concealer, or you can use foundation.

Concealer and foundation not working for me, because what happens it ends up creasing for on me.

photo of an eye and primer tube next to it

Do you see the difference? I want really nice clean smooth canvas.

The second reason I am using eye primer because it helps to keep eyeshadow longer and prevents it from creasing and I actually use less eyeshadow because it adheres to my eye better, then if I have nothing at all.  

STEP 1: Apply Medium Color Shade Above Crease.

For step 1 I am picking up the medium color shade and applying it above my crease and blending it in and up.

Salut, Paris! the essence Salut Paris eyeshadow palette

Depending on how much color payout you want you can build up to your liking.

For hooded eyes, you want to make sure that shade is visible when you look straight up.

So, it really helps to keep your eyes open so you can see if you are applying it right or you need to bring it up higher.

Then I am taking a pencil brush and I am applying the same color eyeshadow under my eyes all the way from inner to outer corner.

If this is enough for you? You can stop here add some mascara (Essence Lash Princess Waterproof Mascara) and call it a day.

This is a simple natural look that goes with anything and as you saw in video you can do it literally in no time at all.  

STEP 2: Shimmery Shade on Mobile Lid

eye with shimmery eyeshadow on mobile lid

If you have some extra time and want to kick it up a notch, pick up the shimmery shade with your finger and apply this to your eyelid. You can use a brush for this too, but I prefer a finger, nothing packs the color better than your finger.

NOTE: This is only will be visible on hooded eyes when you blink.

Again, this can be the final step if you want. It definitely added glam to this look, but only took a minute.

STEP 3: Highlight in Inner Corner.

The final step you can do, and, in my opinion, it really can transfer an eye look.

It is to add a shimmery or matt highlight to the inner corner of your eye and underneath your brow.

I am using the matt ivory shade this really helps to lift the eye and make sure it looks fresh and awake.

And this literally it.

GIF older women eye makeup before and after Modern Fifty TV

I hope this proves that eye makeup doesn’t have to be complicated or take a long time.

So, if you are new to makeup or just don’t have the time or can’t be bothered to do eye makeup for an hour. You should definitely try this out.

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Irina Nikitina – Founder of Modern Fifty TV

easy makeup for older hooded eyes over 50


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