Makeup Tips for Aging Hooded Eyes

How do you apply makeup to aging hooded eyelids

Makeup tips – Aging Hooded eyes

These tips will teach you how to enhance your eye shape if you have aging hooded eyes. This is a beginner’s guide on eyeshadow techniques and tips.

I want to emphasize that this is NOT a tip on how to CHANGE the eye shape, as hooded eyes are beautiful, and you don’t need to change them or lift them.

This post is about a step-by-step technique of applying makeup on aging hooded eyes that are flattering.

Here you see the make-up before and after!

before and after makeup for aging hooded eyes

I will do a tutorial on how to make up completely hooded eyes later, the tips I show you today are mainly adapted for people who have eyelids that are still slightly visible but can of course be used even if you have more hooded eyes.

This is an easy, simple, and fast makeup suitable for beginner.

How Do You Apply Makeup to Aging Hooded Eyelids?

final look simple makeup for aging hooded eyes

r today’s look, I will apply eyeshadow like a dome shape. It goes great with hooded eyes!

15 minuts 15 minutes

STEP 1: Eyeshadow Primer

step by step makeup for aging mature eyes over 40

Eyeshadow primer is essential for aging hooded eyes. It will make the eyeshadows more vibrant and prevent any color transfer. It will also ensure that the makeup will last and doesn’t crease.
I use the primer Morphe Eyelid Primer for this look.

STEP 2: Highlight Mobile Lid

STEP 2: Highlight Mobile Lid

Place the shimmery eyeshadow all over the mobile lid and just below the brow, no further down. I am using Essence “Salut Paris” eyeshadow palette for this look (move colors)

STEP 3: Create a New Crease

STEP 3: Create a New Crease

Apply a medium dark color over the crease line – it is important that you relax your forehead and look straight into the mirror when doing this step. Try to put it a little higher up than it feels comfortable!
Apply eyeshadow in a dome shape and blend the edge only toward the browbone until it is hardly visible.
For this I use the Morphe M433 brush it’s perfect for applying a shier coat of solid color.

STEP 4: Add Depth and Dimension

STEP 4: Add Depth and Dimension

Create a little more depth in the eye shadow by applying an even darker color just over the skin fold and the outer edge of the lid. Here I used a smaller brush with more precision, Morphe M431. It’s better to use matte shadow for this.
If you have droopy eyes do not follow the eye shape down in the same downward-sloping slope which can give a slightly sad look. That is why it is very important to do makeup for aging hooded eyes looking straight into the morrow with your forehead relaxed.

STEP 5: Connect the Lower Lash Line

Makeup Tips for Aging Hooded Eyes 1

Tightline the upper lush with black or brown eyeliner. I used Essence Long-lasting Eye pencil in black. To tight line, apply a transfer-resistant eyeliner pencil to the roots of your lashes and upper waterline.
I also applied a thin line of eyeliner to one-third of the eye. This method makes eyes look brighter, allows the eyeshadow to pop, and does not take up much space from the visible eyelid.
Finish with mascara, as usual, L’Oréal Bambi eye.

Estimated Cost: 50.00 USD


  • Foundation – The Body Shop fresh nude foundation “Yorkshire Rose 032” applied with fingers.
  • Blush – L’Oréal true match super-blendable blush “Baby Blossom”
  • Brow Liner – Cover Girl “Honey Brown 715” brow pencil
  • Lip pencil – Rimmel 1000 kisses “Blushing Nude”
  • Lipstick – Essence “This is Nude o3”
  • Eyelid Primer – Morphe eyelid primer
  • Eyeshadow Palette – Essence “Salute Paris” eyeshadow palette
  • Mascara – L’Oréal bambi eye mascara (black)


  • Blanding Brush – Morphe M433
  • Precision Brush – Morphe M431

And that’s it! Makeup for aging hooded eyes is done!  

Hope all the tips were helpful and that you liked my post about aging hooded eyes!


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  1. I wear glasses and have hooded eyes.I have been using these eyelidstrips to lift the upper eye lid, but you have to be very precise where you place them

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